Buying a Business in Fairfax, VA


Fairfax, VA is home to two federal offices. The Office of the U.S. Vice President is located in the city, while the U.S. Senate has two members serving six-year terms. The 11th District is also home to one U.S. Representative. This city is one of the largest in Virginia, with a population of approximately 450,000, to known more get help from Del Aria Team.

Sales tax

When you purchase a product in the state of Virginia, you will be responsible for paying sales tax on that purchase. This tax applies to both in-state dealers and out-of-state dealers. The state of Virginia requires that out-of-state dealers register to collect sales tax if they have a substantial economic and physical presence in the state. Typically, this means having a gross sales amount of $100,000 or more in Virginia each year, or completing 200 or more transactions in Virginia each year.

Virginia has different rates for sales tax on certain items. Certain items, including alcohol, and food purchased at a restaurant are subject to a higher sales tax than other items. However, some items, such as premade items at supermarkets, are exempt. Below are some of the most common categories and their sales tax rates.

The Virginia General Assembly established a sales tax holiday for the first Friday and the Sunday of August each year. This holiday was combined in 2016, but future legislative action is required to extend it beyond 2023. Sales tax exemptions are also available for qualifying items such as hurricane preparedness supplies and Energy Star products.

Exemptions from gross receipts

You can avoid paying tax on a portion of your gross receipts by looking for exemptions when buying a business. Different types of businesses are taxed at different rates. For example, parking spaces are subject to a $4.25 tax per thousand gross receipts, and storage spaces are subject to a $1.01 tax. In addition, if you’re buying a business for the purpose of providing non-medical care for children under the age of 18 years, you may be able to deduct all of that income from your gross receipts.

You can also get an exemption on the cost of tangible property that is leased to you by another business. You must obtain an NTTC from the Taxation and Revenue, and execute the agreement with the lessor or seller. If the seller or lessor agrees, the NTTC must be accepted by the purchaser.

There are also certain exclusions from gross receipts that you can deduct. The amount of expenses you incur while operating the business is not considered an allowable deduction, but you can deduct motor fuel taxes and sales taxes. You should consult an attorney or accountant to find out which ones apply to your business.

Getting a business license

Whether you’re buying a small business or an existing one, you’ll need a Virginia realtor license to operate. Depending on your niche, the fee will vary from $15 to several hundred dollars. In Virginia, the fee is calculated based on a business’ projected gross revenue. For example, a business that anticipates earning $300,000 a year will pay 30 cents of its fee per $100 of projected revenue. Additionally, business licenses must be renewed periodically, which may entail additional fees. This is typically required every one to three years.

Depending on the type of business you’re purchasing, there are different kinds of business licenses available in the Fairfax VA area. For example, if you plan to sell alcohol or weed, you’ll need a liquor license and a sales tax license. The Fairfax VA Department of Cable and Consumer Services handles licensing for taxicab operators, precious metal dealers, solicitors/peddlers, and pawnbrokers and real estate agent.

To get your real estate agent license, you’ll need to provide the Fairfax city and county with information about your business. You can do this online, and you’ll pay a fee upfront. You’ll also need to select your business structure. You can choose an LLC, partnership, or corporation in Fairfax, and select the type of business license that meets your needs.

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