Longmont Candidate information:

Who will uphold and support the Longmont Ban on Fracking in City Limits?

Polly Christensen

“The city should stand firm in defending the decisive 60/40 citizen vote of a modest ban on no fracking inside the city limits. Longmont’s city charter grants us home-rule status, and these suits are a direct attack on our home-rule status. The residents of Longmont have a right to protect the health of ourselves and our children, conserve our water, and protect our property values within the limits of our city.”

Jeff Moore

“Unfortunately this issue is about money, without regard to local control and land use policy within planning areas of affected cities. The health, safety and quality of life impacts from drilling and fracking are risks the citizens of Longmont should not have to live with. The city needs to continue to vigorously defend against the lawsuits and look out for the best interest of its citizens, not the oil and gas companies. The City Council needs to defend our rights as a home rule municipality and exercise local control to protect our citizens from the many hazards associated with fracking.”

Remember the “7 former mayors” ad campaign? Need we say more? Bryan Baum came out vocally against the citizen’s initiative even going so far as to put his name and photo on the industry funded campaign. Bryan Baum was and is against the citizens on this one and is holding fast to his stance.


60% of Longmont voters passed a prohibition on hydraulic fracturing (and the wastes associated with it) in Longmont city limits. Read more at www.ourlongmont.org.

For more information about fracking and what it means please read Colorado Sierra Club's aptly called article Why you should be angry about Colorado’s fracking ruling, even if you’re not.

With over 80,000 oil and gas wells in Colorado (of which 60,000 active and 20,000 abandoned) chances are that you live near one as well. Check for yourself here for an interactive map of oil and gas wells in Colorado.

The Truth About Fracking Event, Now Available on Video

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